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CBD Eliquid: Growing Popularity In The UK - Sunny CBD E-Liquid UK

CBD Eliquid: Growing Popularity In The UK

CBD Eliquid: Growing Popularity In The UK
March 18, 2016 yadmin

Cannabis is an interesting species, with close association to mankind. It has been used by humans for time immemorial, across various geographies. Known for its religious significance in the East, it has a new role to play in the 21st century West. Recently, there has been a hype over Cannabis use and much research on it has been put together since the last decade. New revelations about its medical potential have shocked experts around the world. The plant contains a plethora of chemicals, each associated with a specific reaction in the human body. Notoriously popular for its use as a drug, Cannabis has taken in a new avatar, that of a medicinal drug.

So, how does a “street drug” become a legally sold, extremely popular, over the counter drug? The answer lies in chemicals. Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical found abundantly in Hemp plants. Extensive research has been done on this specific non-psychoactive chemical. It was first reported to be extremely helpful for people with Parkinson’s disease and also provide relief for Alzheimer. Then as more and more discoveries we made into this chemical, it turned out to be a holy grail in psychiatric medicine. It not only treated stroke damage but also repaired neurological linkages, which were earlier thought to be a kind of permanent damage. Neuro-degeneration, which is common in older people, can be successfully halted, by prescribed doses of CBD. It is also associated with behavioral changes, and can help people with high anxiety or anger. It is also a very good natural remedy to stress because it carries no negative effects of a whole cannabis plant extract.
There is another reason for its popularity, it’s legal to use. The fact that THC is removed first from the plant extract makes this a 100% legal and medical drug. THC is the other major phytocannabinoid present in cannabis extract. It is mainly associated with the high, one experiences during traditional use of cannabis. It is responsible for abnormal heart rates and impaired judgement.

On the other hand, CDB is the chemical that reduces general stress without affecting a person’s alertness. These two chemicals are worlds apart from each other, yet are found in the same plant. In fact, CDBs are the diamonds in a coal mine. The increasing popularity of CBD makes it more sought after than THC.
Recently, in the UK, Cannabidiol was used as an oral mucosal spray formulation to treat severe spasticity due to multiple sclerosis. It’s noteworthy because many modern antispasmodics were ineffective in this case.
What started as a series of experiments in modern medicine, has today taken a form of a social revolution in the UK. The benefits of CBD have spread through word of mouth and a growing demand is being seen for this new product. To fuel this demand a number of companies are now offering purely natural CBD E-liquids. These e-liquids can be smoked through vaporizers, and is 100% nicotine free. It is a good form of CBD intake and the healing effects can experience instantly.

This can be a very good alternative to anyone who wants to quit smoking. Devoid of nicotine, which is addictive by nature, CBD can help rescue one from the habit of smoking, naturally and steadily. It relaxes the mind and body by interacting with the body’s own natural hormones. It makes the brain calm by forming complex reactions with cannabinoid receptors present in our brain. It neither affects blood pressure nor have any adverse effect on one’s heath. It is yet, one of the many reasons why CBD has gathered a huge consumer base, with strong loyalty.
It is fast gaining popularity, as it is extremely easy to use and totally legal. Moreover, it doesn’t make alter your thought-process and is completely toxin free. It can safely be used by anyone of any age group. There is a steady change of opinion in public mood towards this plant. Considered a life-threatening drug a few years back, it is now being called the savior of multiple-aliments. As the world seeks new alternatives to allopathic medicines, CBD promises a lot.

The benefits of CBD may seem many, yet it is only the dawn of its research and development. The symbiosis of modern technology and traditional knowledge is opening new doors to CBD’s development. The ever expanding market for this chemical is a sign that the world is moving towards a more natural and holistic solution to its problems.

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