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  • Apr292016
    eating cbd vaping

    Vaping CBD Vs Eating It

    Overview of CBD Benefits Cannabidiol, CBD, is the second most abundant compound among the cannabinoids that constitutes the cannabis plant.…

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  • Apr292016
    cbd vaping

    Vaping Versus Smoking Why Vaped CBD Is Healthier Than Smoked

    The most popular ways to consume marijuana are smoking, vaping, dabbing and eating cannabis edibles. Smoking cannabis involves numerous and…

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  • Apr262016
    cbd eliquid nervous system

    The Amazing Effects of CBD on the Body and Nervous System

    The Amazing Effects of CBD on the Body and Nervous System Many (recreational users) consume cannabis to achieve some sort…

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  • Apr262016

    Medical Benefits of CBD: Indica Vs Sativa

    What is Sativa? Sativa is a yearly herbaceous plant in the Cannabis class, a member of the Cannabaceae family. People…

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