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Vaping CBD Vs Eating It - Sunny CBD E-Liquid UK

Vaping CBD Vs Eating It

Vaping CBD Vs Eating It
April 29, 2016 yadmin
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Overview of CBD Benefits

Cannabidiol, CBD, is the second most abundant compound among the cannabinoids that constitutes the cannabis plant. Research has proven its effectiveness as a natural remedy for some inflammation diseases and in addressing symptoms of anxiety. The CBD interacts directly or indirectly with the one or more receptors in the body to produce these various effects.

Studies which are still in the pre-clinical stage also suggest that CDB products can be used to produce desirable clinical effects such as inhibiting some forms of cancer and in treating certain ailments including nausea, multiple sclerosis, inflammation and epilepsy.

In order to gain all these benefits, vaping, is undoubtedly, the healthiest method of CBD ingestion.

CBD: Vaping vs. Eating

Vaping has revolutionized the consumption of cannabis, and it comes with numerous inherent benefits over other ways of consumption, including eating. Other more common methods of ingestion include tinctures and topical applications, each of which has its own pros and cons.

With the backing of extensive research, experts, and particularly medical practitioners have thrown their weight behind vaporizers over the other methods for varied reasons that are as highlighted.

Instant or delayed effect after consumption

The School Of Pharmacy, University of Colorado Skaggs conducted a research and the conclusive findings have shown that CBD from vaping takes effect in the body within 3-10 minutes after ingestion, compared to the delayed effect associated with eating, which kick in after 1-3 hours. Depending on an individual’s metabolism, this timeline may extend to up to 4-5 hours after ingestion of the edible.
The disparity is expected since the lungs inhale the CBD “vapor” much faster into the system, compared to absorption through the stomach which takes a much longer time. In addition to uneven absorption by the stomach lining, CBD products taken orally are metabolized in the liver before getting to the blood stream, which contributes further to a delayed and an even less pronounced relieving effect. Research shows that processing in
the stomach and consequent metabolism in the liver leads to about 95% wastage of the ingested cannabinoids.

CBD Dosing

Efficient dose

Several studies have shown that vaporizers are the best alternative when it comes to efficiency of converting plant matter into active CBD and other cannabinoids. Similarly, in a study that has been published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, users have ranked vaping as the most efficient method of CBD intake, requiring a lesser dose
than eating or smoking. Chewing cannabis or eating CBD edibles does not compare to the CBD intake from a vaporizer.

It is this high efficiency that justifies the initial cost of the vaporizer.

Better control of CBD dose

With eating cannabis, overdoses are more common compared to vaping. Vaping provides a fast and direct delivery of cannabinoids like CBD into the system. Eating, on the other hand, will require that you wait several hours to experience the effects. In their ignorance of these absorption mechanisms, many people tend to eat more and more of the edibles to get more CBD and in this case, an overdose is more than inevitable. With vaping on the other hand, it is much easier to stop inhaling once the desired effect has been achieved. This gives one a better control of the dosage and avoids overuse of CBD products.

After testing samples, laboratory examinations have revealed that there is a distinct variation in the amount of CBD that is found in edibles, with some having a content that is higher than others. It is quite challenging to determine the exact amount of CBD that on would get from CBD -infused snacks such as cookies and chocolate. The uncertainty in content and potency of the edibles also contributes to possible overuse.

While the manner of CBD consumption is ultimately a matter of personal preferences, scientific research and reliable, unbiased feedback from many users has shown that vaping is a better alternative compared to eating CBD for different reasons. CBD is more readily available when using a vaporizer compared to eating the products. Eating CBD products give a varied and delayed CBD intake which may contribute to over dosing. Preparation of CBD edibles is also a time consuming and labor intensive task. In conclusion, vaping gives a faster relief for an even smaller dose compared to eating cannabis. The result is reduced wastage and a wholesome experience of the desired effects.

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