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What is CBD? - Sunny CBD E-Liquid UK

What is CBD?
March 17, 2016 yadmin

Cannabidiol is one of almost one hundred cannabinoids, (related compounds) found in cannabis or Marijuana plant (hemp). It makes up nearly half of the plants full extract. There are a number of health benefits associated with CBD and the list is growing as larger studies continue.

Unlike the other major compound found in cannabis, (THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol, (the substance in marijuana that will make you high) CBD is not a psychoactive substance. This creates some confusion in the community surrounding CBD’s use as a medicinal substance and also creates unnecessarily complicated legal issues depending on the country or state you may live in. However, it is generally accepted that CBD (Cannabidiol) is legal.
CBD is extracted from marijuana hemp separately. Cannabidiol contains a negligible about of THC and when used medicinally has no mind altering effects. The study of CBD has expanded recently as it seems to have a growing number of very strong medicinal uses for several mild to severe illnesses. CBD is extracted in oil form from the marijuana hemp plant stalk.

Research into CBD’s many health benefits is ongoing. CPD is being medically researched in the following areas, with current sufferers reporting positive results: Pain Relief / Multiple Sclerosis / Epilepsy / Diabetes / Cancer / Nausea / anti-psychotic / Arthritis / Anxiety / Antioxidant Supplement. The FDA currently has CBD is late drug trials as a treatment for epilepsy, primarily Dravet syndrome. CBD is used in several forms at and at various levels of concentration.

Pill form as an easy dietary supplement.

Orally through CBD extract tinctures, generally taken under the tongue. This is a common method of consumption. This form can also be mixed with beverages to be ingested easily.
CBD oil

This is generally CBD in purest form with the highest concentration. This can be taken orally or mixed with other consumables, as the oil in pure form may have an oily unpalatable taste.

This is an increasingly popular method of ingestion due to recent e-cigarette popularity. CBD liquid is heated from liquid to vapor form and then inhaled. This is a convenient way to consume your CBD supplement. E-pen vaporizers are easy to use and generally can be charged using a USB port. CBD supplementary cartridges are usually sold separately to be used with the vape pen.

Topical ointment

CBD is being used as a treatment for arthritis and inflammation and the most common method of application would be a topical ointment or lotion. With an ointment, you can actually pinpoint areas of pain relief. CBD absorbs through the skin, but interaction can be somewhat slower and these products are more expensive.


Cannabidiol legal issues can be complicated and it is always prudent to consult your state or country’s laws before attempting purchase and use. That being said, in the United States, under Federal law Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug and therefore, illegal. This being said CBD is extracted from the hemp stalk of the plant which is not prohibited and CBD is separated from THC, the actual psychotropic substance in marijuana. Since CBD is free from THC is can be found for purchase online from several websites.

The popularity of the supplement is creating a wealth of information on the internet regarding various uses as a general health supplement as well as alternative medicine for several serious ailments. The primary hang-up involving the legality of CBD is the relationship it has to the marijuana plant and some governments are still attempting to sort the issue out.

Cannabidiol (CBD) only continues to grow in popularity and individuals with serious ailments as well as those seeking mild pain relief are beginning to seek out the substance for relief. There are growing numbers of internet resources for purchase and information regarding CBD. It comes in various strengths and forms, and what form you decide to seek out for use will depend on your ailment.

As with using any new supplement, it would seem wise to start with a lower milligram dosage in order to test your tolerance to the supplement. It seems that there is growing and increasingly overwhelming evidence that CBD is not only a palliative cure for use as a pain relief substance for ailments such as arthritis but also may also be useful as a treatment for more serious conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, and Multiple Sclerosis.

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