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Why CBD Vaping Beats Eating Cannabinoids - Sunny CBD E-Liquid UK

Why CBD Vaping Beats Eating Cannabinoids

Why CBD Vaping Beats Eating Cannabinoids
December 23, 2015 yadmin

Did you know that vaping (CBD vaping) was their way back in the 1960s? Back then it was referred to as a Ruyan, roughly meaning ‘like smoke.’ It started being referred to as vaping in the mid-2000s.


Hon Lik is accredited for the invention of CBD eliquid vaping. It was, as a result of, his father dying after suffering from cancer due to smoking. At that time, vaporizers were not easy to carry around and were usually left at home, unlike today.


So what is vaping / CBD vaping?


Vaping is simply referred to as inhaling a tobacco-free vapour, unlike the traditional cigarette, using a vaporizer. It is a substitute to smoking, but without the hostile effects of smoking.


The ‘vaper’ (the person using the vaporizer) simply heats the vaporizer, which contains liquids that form the vapour. The liquid (CBD liquid) contains Vegetable Glycerine or Propylene Glycol mixed with food flavours and nicotine, which you get from a cigarette, but in this case, the result is odourless.


Benefits of CBD vaping


Healthier– The CBD vaping process is refined, that is, what you get is cleaner and healthier, than when you smoke. Unlike smoking the cannabis, the vaporizer burns the CBD eliquid until it evaporates and as a result, the product does not contain carbon toxins or tar that you would get from smoking. About 85 percent of what you get from smoking is the harmful part since the larger part of the cannabinoids is burnt. On the other hand, vaping is 95 percent efficient, with the 5 percent made up of harmless plant fluid.


Cheaper – That you get from smoking weed is less than vaporizing the same weed, due to the efficiency of the vaporizer and the CBD eliquid. After some time, you will notice that less weed is giving you more CBD than what you were eating it.


Absence of smoke and ashtrays – Smoke produced by vaporizers in CBD vaping is less clingy to clothes and other items than combustion smoke. The vapour that is produced by a vaporizer is less dense and dissolves faster in air hence, less clingy. In short, with a vaporizing is less evident than smoking.


Efficient dosage –Unlike eating the herb, a vaporizer is efficient in giving you the beneficial effects of CBD, including relief from anxiety and depression. Vaporizers give you the control when taking the herb in CBD eliquid form. Chewing or smoking the herb, however, is less efficient and does not give you the same CBD you would get from a vaporizer.


Stealth – A vaporizer is reliable when you want to get CBD on the move, since it is easy to use on the road, unlike eating. The smoke from CBD vaping is also less clingy, so it dissolves more quickly in the air than a cigarette.


Clearly, CBD vaping is much more efficient than eating the herb in many different ways. It has transformed the usage of weed. It is also cheap considering all these factors. Smoking and vaping will ultimately give you a quicker supply of CBD as compared to eating.


Research from the University Of Colorado Skaggs School Of Pharmacy shows that the CBD you get from smoking or CBD vaping will take effect within 3-10 minutes, as opposed to eating, which will give you the CBD you need in 1-3 hours after ingestion.


Consuming an overdose is likely to happen if you are eating rather than smoking cannabis. As mentioned above, vaping delivers CBD into the body quickly, unlike having to wait for hours when you eat hemp. Chances are you are most likely to eat more and more cannabinoids to get a quicker CBD, leading to an overuse of the product.


Another concern regarding edible cannabis is the fact that it becomes a challenge to know the amount of CBD you get from eating pot-infused candy and a weed cookie. Laboratory tests have proven that there is variation in the amount of THC, with some products having more THC than others. However with the CBD eliquid, it is possible to know the exact amount of product you have used, thus avoiding overuse.


In conclusion, edible cannabis give variable and delayed CBDs. Essentially, cannabinoids have a greater bioavailability when inhaled through CBD vaping from a CBD-quality CBD eliquid, as compared to when eating. When cannabinoids are eaten, nearly 95% usually gets destroyed in the stomach and liver, which leads to lots of wastage. For a cheaper, less wasteful and CBDly effective benefits, it is better to use CBD eliquid as a source of cannabinoids. Obviously, how you take your weed is up to your own personal preferences. However, based on scientific research and the feedback of many users, CBD vaping is much better than eating cannabinoids when dealing with pain, anxiety or depression.

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